Friday, January 20, 2012


Ever since I got married I have been obsessed with making things. I love finding crafts on Pinterest and doing them on the weekends. Here are a few that I've done in the past couple months:

I had seen some decorative balls I wanted for that shelf at Hobby Lobby but they were about $10 a piece! I decided to try and make them for a lot cheaper. The shiny one is made out of sequins glued onto a Styrofoam ball. This ball took a ridiculous amount of time. The biggest is also made out of Styrofoam. I spray painted the ball black first so that the white would not show through. Then I glued pinto beans all over it. The third ball is made out of Styrofoam with twine wrapped all around it. I burned my fingers really really bad making these...but it was worth it! I made them one weekend when Braden was gone and I was all by myself watching girl movies :)

I saw this on Pinterest back in September. One day I went running and forgot that i locked the door but didn't take a I was stuck outside for 2 hours before Braden would be home. So, I decided this was a good opportunity to go hunt down some twigs. We live next to the Provo River Trail so I walked over there and started looking for sticks. Now that I think about it I probably looked ridiculous. Imagine a girl in a running outfit...listening to her iPod...while trying to balance a huge amount of sticks in her arms. I was really picky about the sticks I wanted for this so I would pick up a stick and examine it to make sure it was straight enough. If it wasn't, I would throw it back on the ground. Yeah I got a couple funny looks from people. But it was free! I cut out a big donut shape out of cardboard to glue the sticks onto, and then bought this yellow fabric for the flowers! It took a lot of time and burned fingers to make those flowers.

This was the easiest thing ever to make. I just asked Braden to bring some spare wood from work. (He ended up bringing some really nice finished wood home and was a little disappointed that I just sanded it down and painted it:) He's so nice.)I bought paint for 40 cents and painted it! Then i wanted it to look a little older so i sanded the edges a little. I found the hooks at Walmart for a dollar and screwed them in! It's so much better than having my necklaces sprawled all over the dresser!


  1. You should win an award for actually doing projects that you've seen on Pinterest. They look so good! I am totally stealing that stick idea.