Monday, January 16, 2012


Christmas was awesome this year.

Around November i was already getting excited for the Christmas season and decorating. This was bad news for Braden because this meant i already had 10 holiday stations on Pandora created and no matter what I was doing my computer would follow me around the house so I could listen. Probably about the middle of November I realized we needed a Christmas tree asap! I wanted to get a real Christmas tree, but I decided I didn't want any more spiders and weird bugs than we already have in our basement apartment. One night after class I went to Walmart to buy one. When i got home, Braden wasn't home yet and i decided I needed to test out the tree. Of course I couldn't take it down after I put it all up so it stayed up...and a couple hours later was fully decorated :)And yes, this was still the middle of November...

A couple days later I found some more decorations at the store but don't worry I didn't put them up until December...

Even Tiger our fish got a little festive this year.

Like I said earlier, my parents bought us tickets to come to Portland for Christmas. It was soooooo much fun! I love being at home with everyone. I think Braden witnessed my family at a whole new level this time. We get a little crazy when we all get together but I love my family.

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