Thursday, December 20, 2012

Thanksgiving Pictures

The past couple of times my parents come to town, or I go to see them in Portland, I get sick. Even though I might not look sick in these pictures I promise I really was. It was pretty miserable, but I was determined not to miss out on the fun things my family was doing, so my sickness drug out even longer....totally worth it though! We went to the temple, went to see temple square lights, went to Skyfall and City Creek...and picked out baby blankets to make. It was a fun weekend.

Catching Up

I am the worst at blogging! So here are a bunch of pictures from my phone of what has been going on lately...
This is Charlie the Pomeranian-chihuahua mix. I owned him for a whole day and it was the greatest 8 hours ever. When I got him, I put him in the car on the passenger seat with Braden's sweatshirt (Sorry Braden). The second I put him on the seat it was his personal mission to try get over to me. I thought he just wanted to roam the car while I was driving, and so I kept trying to put him back on the sweatshirt. Finally I gave up and i let him crawl over me. As soon as he got to my lap he laid down and fell asleep instantly. Charlie was the sweetest. He would follow me everywhere. I was so sad when we could not keep him. I still talk about him everyday and I'm pretty sure no dog will ever live up to Charlie. I miss him.
Our Halloween cookies.
Morgan and I hanging out with skunks at Scheels.
My parents were in town for Thanksgiving and we went to the Salt Lake Temple with them over the break.
Our Christmas Tree.
I have been working full time this week and this is my view from work. I love the snow! Except for this morning. The car was frozen over and I couldn't open the door to the car. After yanking the door open, the inside of the windshield was also frozen...awesome. But I love the snow!
At work we have been making baby rattles for babies in an orphanage in Africa. They have little bells inside of them and I love them.